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If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what Thompson & Martin is.
First, thanks for coming to check it out!
Second, let me explain a bit.
I’m Martin. My husband is Thompson. When we married four decades ago, we both worked for large corporations. I went off on my own as a free lance writers about ten years later and needed a business name. “Thompson & Martin” sounded a lot more impressive than “Martin.”
I’ve spent the years since 1986 in various degrees of busy-ness with my freelance writing career. Some years, I worked close to 50 hours a week. When our children were small, I cut back to about 20 hours. When I took four years of seminary, I was lucky to get 20 hours per month of paying work.
In 2014, I took a part-time job at my church library, so my freelance business has taken a back seat.
Today, I’m still happy to take freelance writing gigs, although I have the luxury of being very selective.
But I want to keep this website up as a way to attract attention and dispense information and opinions.
I’m hoping to be disciplined and diligent about blog posts. I hope you — whoever you are, wherever you might be — will come back to read more. (And since I’m learning as I go along, expect much more sophisticated graphics and links in coming blogs!)